Florence & The Machine – You Got The Love (Cover Of The Source & Candi Staton)

I’m half-watching the BBC3 coverage of Radio 1’s Big Weekend & they’ve just shown a rather startling cover of the house classic You Got The Love by The Source & Candi Staton by (one of) this year’s great white hopes, Florence & The Machine. As with Candi Staton in the original, Florence Welch provides absolutely stunning vocals but the pounding house beat and soaring synths are replaced with a much more organic sound; all plucked acoustic guitar, sweeping strings, stripped back piano &, if I’m not mistaken, a little bit of harp.

Whatever is in there, it sounds bloody marvellous: keeping the overwhelming sense of loss and pain that made the original a real-life bitter-sweet symphony. It seems like this has been out for a fair while already but, unafraid as I am to jump on bandwagons as they thunder past, You’ve Got The Love by Florence & The Machine is pretty much guaranteed to be one of my favourite tracks this summer.

Love by Pink Sherbert Photography on flickr


  1. Having seen her do this as the last song of a concert in a church on Monday this week – I have to agree with you in the most whole hearted way

  2. hi do you reckon you could ind the music or chords or anythign for this song because i am trying to find them but cant i have looked everywhere.thanks

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