Diesel:U:Music Radio

Another thing that I noticed whilst walking through Soho the other day was some workmen hammering away at what looked like a giant radio facia outside of the Diesel store on Carnaby Street. When I looked up I realised that it was because they were turning the Diesel stores into giant radios.

Having finally gotten around to downloading the photos from my phone I thought I’d look into what it is that they were up to and it seems like it’s all part of the return of a campaign that’s been going since 2001, yet has totally passed me by. Diesel:U:Music is some sort of collaborative music network which also offers unsigned bands the opportunity to win a world tour. And with previous winners including Mylo, Diplo & The Cool Kids, I’d say it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Diesel:U:Music Radio starts broadcasting from London on May 14th 2009 and to get you in the mood, here’s Mylo dropping the pressure (a song that I still can’t believe gets played in shops and on daytime TV & radio – can they not hear the lyrics?!)

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