The World Is Yours: T-Shirt Diary #7

I have to say that much as I love the summer, I did wonder what I would do to fill this blog without people losing gloves for me to catalogue. Luckily my colleague Dan wore this rather fine T-Shirt today and in doing so reminded me about the T-Shirt Diaries.

In case you missed it, the idea here is that whenever I see someone wearing a particularly fine T-Shirt, I’ll stop them, take a photo & post the photo here. To date my English reserve has meant that the only t-shirts I’ve taken photos of have belonged to friends, colleagues or, even more pathetically, me. The only stranger I managed had his back to me, and was wearing a jacket, not a t-shirt.

Anyway, I was rather taken by Dan’s t-shirt, produced by the boys & girls at Criminal: it seems to depict one of those old globes that used to have messages spinning round them; the type that would be spinning avove The Daily Planet, or more recently were used on the cover of the Doves’ album Some Cities. I can’t be sure exactly what it’s meant to be saying, but it seems to say:

The World Is Yours, But You’ve Got To Fight For It

which is something I think most of us could agree on.

What you also have to fight for is t-shirt supremacy, and Dan & I have agreed to have a t-shirt shoot-out over the next few weeks. Whenever both of us have a day free of client meetings, we will wear a t-shirt, with the best one each day winning a point. How exactly we’ll choose the winner, I’m not sure. But whilst Dan obviously has some strong tees in his arsenal, with the 1st instalment of the 2009 Airside T-Shirt Club about to drop, I’m quietly confident.

Watch this space to see how it goes.

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