MPs May Be Corrupt But At Least They’re Not Nazis

It’s almost impossible to imagine how the ongoing stories, about the thousands of little ways that MPs were trying to slip as many pennies out of the system as they possibly could, can possibly get any worse. And yet, every day, in every way, they do. With all this news of petty corruption, coupled with an inability by many politicians to grasp the reasons for the public’s anger that verges on the ridiculous, many will probably be tempted to mutter that all politicians are the same, and use it as a reason not to vote in upcoming elections.

Well I pray that this is not the case, as it might result in the BNP, a party which can basically trace its ‘proud’ history back to Nazi apologist and friend of Hitler, Oswald Mosley, gaining seats in the European elections. I’ll ignore the irony of a party dedicated to keeping Europeans, and every other race, out of the UK standing in European elections for the moment. Instead I’d just like to highlight that to do so they only have to win a relatively small proportion of the vote. And of course the smaller the vote, the smaller number of votes they have to win to make that percentage.

So even if you’re entirely sick of politicians and wouldn’t piss on one if they were on fire, vote for someone or you may find Britain being represented by people you’d cross the road to avoid.

Ballot box image by joebeone


  1. I always put pen to paper. I figure that if you don’t vote, then you have no right to an opinion on how things are run, or not run as the case may be.

  2. Exactly – I sometimes wonder whether we ought to have the Aussie system and make voting compulsory.

  3. True, but what about all the morons out there that would put a cross next to the BNP “just for a laugh”? Or those people that have absolutely no idea about any aspect of the parties that could potentially run the country? Having said that, how many of the political parties out there actually know what they’re doing anyway….hmmm…

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