T-Shirt Tournament: Round 1, Part 1

So my colleague Dan & I have challenged each other to a t-shirt tournament; a t-shirt hoe-down if you will. For this challenge the idea is that whenever either of us can wear t-shirts rather than shirts, we will both wear one into the office and then hold some sort of vote as to which is the better. Over the course of the summer we will then be able to decide who is the king of tees.

Unfortunately Dan reneged on an agreement to make today the first day of the competition, and so we will have to hold the first round over two days. Above is my first effort, the rather lovely Cowgirl tee by Fred Deakin and the guys at Airside. It came out a few years back and isn’t, I don’t think, available anymore. Anyway, have a look, have a ponder and come back tomorrow to see Dan’s response.

Let battle commence!

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