T-Shirt Tournament: Round 1, Part 2

So, having failed to turn up to the first day of the T-Shirt Tournament, Dan has finally responded with what is, I’ll admit, a very strong contender. Mary Is My Homegirl by Teenage Millionaire is undoubtedly a nice bit of torso-art, but it’s also, let’s be honest, a bit of a case of trying to tag along on someone else’s genius (i.e. mine): yesterday I wore Cowgirl by Airside, something Dan himself described as Margaret Thatcher in a cowboy suit, he responds with another female icon. He’s also probably insulted millions of God-fearing Catholics and whilst I don’t want to blow this out of proportion, I think he deserves to burn in hell for that.

Really Dan, I thought better of you than that.

Anyway, we want to know which t-shirt you think deserves to win round one: mine (below) or Dan’s (above). PLEASE VOTE BY LEAVING A COMMENT BELOW, FOR EITHER DAN OR ME.


  1. Can’t get the Maggie Thatcher resemblence out of my mind now, it’s got to be Dan. Catholics are offended by their very existence so I wouldn’t worry too much…

  2. Ahem.

    That last sentence should have been:

    {religious icon} is my home {person} is so very 2007

    Apparently using was an error.

  3. Sorry Ciaran, while you are our client… Nido collectively agree that Dans t-shirt should win.

  4. Would love to see this voting go beyond what you have patience for to count. But I’ll give you a vote on the Cowgirl by Airside just to make it worth it.

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