#uksnow: England Closed. Please Try Again Later

#uksnow Tag Outside My House

As anyone based in the UK or listening to the chatter on Twitter will know by now, there’s been a bit of snow in the UK. Not Alaska or Russia snow (although apparently the snow is from Russia) but still more than we’ve had for the best part of 20 years*. As my friend Tom said:

Please be aware, the UK has closed today due to snow. Please leave a message.

And whilst I’m working from home because of the complete lack of public transport I’ve also taken a few photos, including this one of my new lodger. I’m a bit worried that he’s lost the plot because it’s not really sun-glasses weather (or maybe he’s acting all cool because he’s now a celebrity, having appeared on Channel 4 News’ website).

What I’d really like to be doing of course is joining in the snowball fight I can see on the road outside my house. Ho hum.

*18 years to be exact or, as someone noted to me, the worst snow since the last recession – can we not afford good weather any more?

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