Jane Copland Moves To London: Gets Tattoo To Celebrate

As many of you will know, Jane Copland, former Mozzer and champion swimmer, recently moved to London. And, in a break from her Kiwi roots, decided not to get a job in a bar but at a search marketing agency (Ayima to be precise).

Well, like the staff at Daddy Warbucks mansion running round screaming “We got Annie!”, we’re all very excited to have Jane here in the UK. And many of us were really touched when, at her birthday drinks on Friday, we saw that she has had a tattoo to mark this momentous occasion. Normally I think that girls with Union Jack tattoos* look a bit cheap, but in Jane’s case it’s really rather touching and I think I speak for all us Brits when I thank her for this pretty major show of affection for the mother country.

*I know that it’s actually called the Union Flag, and that the Union Jack is a naval flag, but it just doesn’t sound right. Though personally I think that if 99% of the population refer to something in a particular way, that’s probably its name, no matter what pedants might tell you.


  1. The only reason you posted this is because you want to rank for the search term “Jane Copland” because it’s so popular. It’s terrible the way you have to leech off the popularity of others like this 😛

  2. This has become a reputation management issue for me, Norris. It’s *ranking* Must find an link to more recent pictures of me minus the sticker. I mean, the tattoo.

  3. Really Jane Copland? This article about Jane Copland is ranking for the phrase Jane Copland? Well Jane Copland, I can only apologise.


    Ciarán (not Jane Copland)

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