You Are Trashing My Scene!: Bale Loses The Plot

Oh. My. God.

Well, at least we know how Christian Bale manages to keep coming up with all these brooding, slightly scary performances in films such as Batman Begins & Dark Knight, The Machinist and, errr, American Psycho: it’s because it seems that he’s actually a bit of a British Psycho.

It seems that just days before being arrested for assaulting his mother (he was later released without charge), he had a little run-in with the Director of Cinematography on the latest Terminator film, in which he’s starring. TMZ have all the details and it really is worth a listen as he totally loses it and doesn’t come out of it well at all (if only because his transatlantic accent is so bloody annoying).

A few choice quotes:

“I want to kick your f**king ass!

NO! NO! Don’t shut me up!

What don’t you f**king understand?!

F**k’s sake man you’re amateur!

Stay off the f**king set man, for f**k’s sake!

You’re un-f**kin’ believable… I’ve never had a DP behave like this!

I wanna’ f**kin’ kick your f**ckin’ ass if you don’t shut up for a second!

You’re a nice guy but that don’t f**kin’ cut it when you’re bullshittin’ & f**kin’ around on set!

Seriously, you and me, we’re f**kin’ done, professionally. Fuckin’ ass!


Hat-tip to Jake Marsh

Christian Bale image by Thorsten Becker on flickr.


  1. Oh like YOU have never had a bad day. He is actually incredibly talented. It’s totally over-exploited. Heaven forbid you mention that he apologized and straightened up.

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