T-Shirt Tournament: Round 5

So, after Dan’s weather effort beat Nina, it’s time for round 5. And today Dan is actually sending in his effort – the t-shirt above is one he wore yesterday and put in ‘the bank’. I have to say that I rather like his Tapes t-shirt, which seems to be by a company called Royal T, but about whom I can find no mention on t’interwebz.

My entry today meanwhile, is Brownswood’s Death Jazz tee, produced to commemorate a review of tha rather marvellous Soil & “Pimp” Sessions using that unique phrase. It was produced by K Swiss and is, I think, rather fetching (the blurring comes from the photo – not the tee).

Votes in the comments please for Tapes or Death Jazz.


  1. Tapes!

    (Sorry Ciaran, it’s the only week I haven’t wanted to buy the T-Shirt you’ve had on but resisted in case we’re ever in the same place at the same time and a horrific fashion disaster ensures and all our fans abandon us. Or something.)

  2. That’s OK, Stu – I won’t hold it against you!


    Only joking – I’d be tempted to vote for Dan’s too!

  3. If the t-shirt said Death to all Jazz then it would be perfect but alas not. Its tapes all the way.

  4. Voting definitely hasn’t closed and Cotton, sorry – I’ll get one made up that says Indie W*nk


  5. Well, voting is closed and Dan is 3-2 up. A good contest today and one where I’m not actually sure where my own vote would have gone.

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