T-Shirt Tournament: Round 4

Friday saw round 3 of the, already legendary, T-Shirt Tournament,in which Dan pulled back, to reduce my lead to one. Following a 3-day break, we’re now ready to recommence battle.

I’ve gone with the Nina Simone number you can see above; it’s by the guys at Wadada who used to produce lots of lovely t-shirts (I have a great little Stevie Wonder number that I may roll out at a later date) but who now seem to have become full time artists, if their website is anything to go by. Shame.

Dan meanwhile has wheeled out a Chunk t-shirt which is very of the moment, as the country veers from Mediterranean sunshine to Nordic rain & back again. But will his weather map be enough to beat Nina? Obviously I hope not.

Votes in the comments for Weather Map or Nina Simone please.


  1. I have to agree, Nina may be cool, but Weather has that certain t-shirt something and just edges it, (Sorry Ciaran)

  2. Anyway – Dan wins and it’s 2-2. I have to say that I was probably a bit lucky to win with the boom-box last week and I think Dan would admit the same about his today.

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