Spot Anything?

I was running down the stairs in our offices a moment ago (as part of my diet/get a bit fitter plan I’m not using the lift) when something caught my eye. Backing up I noticed something on the sign by the door for the 3rd floor. Can you spot it?

Cute eh? Things like this make my day, they really do, which is why I went opn a hunt to see if any more of the little blighters had invaded the building. I managed to track a few down but am sure that there must be more.*

These ones are enjoying the nice weather…

The work that goes into getting the beans into the coffee machine is amazing…

That looks quite high…

Thank God there’s someone to make sure they get across safely.

And I think we can all agree that every office needs some livestock.

*If you like these you should check out Little People, a street art project based in London by a guy called Slinkachu. I’m guessing it’s what inspired our phantom scene creator.


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