T-Shirt Tournament: Round 3

So, the third round of the T-Shirt Tournament is upon us and I’m 2-0 on my colleague Dan. And it would seem that the pressure is getting to him as, for today’s round, he’s resorted to a cheap, crowd-pleasing tee of the most vulgar kind.

Above you can see my entry for today: it was the 3rd instalment in last year’s Airside T-Shirt Club, and was designed by Katherina Leuzinger. I was told that the original design was multi-cloured but that they decided to use the black & white version and, as it’s a veritable a vision in subtlety, I think they made the right choice.

Below, you can see the front & back (yes, he’s so worried he feels that he has to use both sides of a t-shirt to combat my one) of Dan’s entry for today, which is by Local Celebrity. I don’t think that there’s anything I can add, other than to say that even if Dan somehow wins, I’ll be claiming a moral victory.

Votes in the comments please, for Mullet or Fantasy Machine.


  1. Whereas I think comments like the above are a bit wanky: I don’t mind people voting for the shit t-shirt, but let’s not forget our manners – each to their own I guess.

  2. Awesome t shirts this week! I’m torn; designer (they’re cool – shut it) but the ‘tache/mullet combo is awesome…


    Fantasy Machine ftw win I reckon.

  3. My vote is based entirely on if I would wear the T-shirt and so, whilst I appreciate the humour of the mullet I have to place my vote for Fantasy Machine.

  4. Have to say it’s close today.

    I love a Mullet, but as a rule I’m against the front / back t-shirt joke concept. So my vote is with the monochrome airsider: Fantasy Machine it is.

  5. mullet all the way

    and that’s mullet with a french sounding silent ‘T’, so it rhymes with with ‘way’ and creates a poetic way of backing genius over everyday vector spew

  6. I am voting for the mullet because Ciaran has become paranoid in his old age, this is a vote of protest!

    Down to the Norris!

  7. Dan claims it by 1 – 14-13. Well played Dan, it’s 2-1 and there’s everything to play for.

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