Love Is…A Bit Scary

Just when you think the interwebz can’t get any weirder a new meme comes along like no other you’ve ever seen before. Imagine that one where the guy who couldn’t speak English particularly well (because forigners are just sooo funny) invited people to be his friend. But now imagine it was filmed by a pumped-up muscle freak with way too much time on his hands and what strikes me as a slightly loose grip on reality. Then watch this video, the story of one man’s struggle to win back his ex.

By making a really homo-erotic video & putting it on YouTube.

As you do.

“Love Story” One Man. One Dream. One Chance was, so the accompanying text tells us

Entirely filmed, produced, and directed by the man you see and him alone over the course of nine months

Well, I guess that we should just be glad that he spent the time lifting tyres rather than shimmying up the clock-tower and taking pot-shots at passers by. I won’t go into all the details here, as it’s all rather scary & confusing, suffice to say that you can read about it here and here and that it seems to involve spam, cancer charities & the Captain America movie.

The man himself ends by saying:

I believe the person I made this video for is living somewhere with her family and I truly hope they are all happy and doing well.

And I’d guess that they’re very happy that he’s yet to track them down.

UPDATE: A lot of people have asked me where they can find the spoof version of the video that is referenced in the Cracked forum thread and which apparently left our hero spitting with rage (“You are one of those terrorists and I’m reporting you to the authorities. I see your videos about killing and hating America). The link is in the thread but it’s a bit hard to find, so here it is for those who missed it.

American Psycho by 416style on flickr

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  1. To anyone who though that a Rocky-style 80s montage could solve all your problems, I think this guy just proved you wrong. He’s ruined that song for me forever, and probably tires and cliffs.

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