Properly Punctuated Graffiti

There was an internal presentation on grammar & punctuation earlier this week and, as I couldn’t attend, I was very glad when the slides were sent round earlier this morning. It had lots of good stuff in it and may well finally spur me to go and buy Lynne Truss’ book Eats Shoots & Leaves (though The New Yorker is rather dismissive of it).

What really caught my attention though was the cartoon on the final slide, which you can see above. Not only because it made me laugh out loud but also because the presentation was delivered by Karen Earl, the founder of Synergy (previously known as Karen Earl Sponsorship) & one of the most influential people in British sport according to The Times, and it’s just not the sort of thing you expect from a  lady of such genteel refinement.

But, due to the fact that I think that swearing is both big and clever, it’s made me like her even more than I already did.

Original cartoon by The Rut.


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