Pictures Of Dan: A Micro Meme

Many of you may wonder what Dan, the chap who has been taking me on in the T-Shirt Tournament, actually looks like. Well now you know, as the picture above is of Mr Britton. The reason I’m showing you this isn’t simply because I want you to be able to visualise the man I’m currently beating. No. It’s because Dan Britton became a mini meme, and I though it might be fun to show how such a meme grows and evolves.

Basically the photo above got sent round the office for reasons that I can’t even remember anymore. And before too long, one of the more inventive members of our team had edited it slightly.

There were a couple more on this tack before someone decided that perhaps there was something rather creepy about Dan that could only be expressed through the magic of Photoshop.

And after this, a veritable torrent of creativity was unleashed. I won’t show them all here, but all of those that are fit for public consumption are available here. But below I’ve published a few of my favourites to show just how a micro meme can evolve. And in case you’re wondering, the other chap who features in a number of the pictures is Phil, another member of the account team. Phil & Dan are pretty close.

And my favourite – can you find Dan?


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