Lost Gloves #9-#13: London & Dublin

I’ve been a bit slack at keeping the Lost Gloves Project up to date recently but have a bumper crop for you now that I’ve had the time to upload the recent additions. We’ll start with the one you can see above – it’s a work/gardening glove, something I know because I have the exact same set. It’s also the first internationa addition to the project as it was taken in Dublin. It was quickly followed by another Irish lost glove which you can see below.

My girlfriend started laughing when she saw me taking this as she thought that I’d got a bit over-emotional last time I snapped a child’s glove. But I still maintain that seeing a lost child’s glove is like seeing a lost baloon floating across the sky: all you know for sure is that somewhere else, a child is crying. I know you know I’m right. Anyway…

This glove was just outside Waterloo. I was on my way to the pub to meet some friends when I saw this and can only assume that whoever lost it mst have already had a few drinks, because it was absolutely freezing that night and the only reason that you wouldn’t have been wearing the glove is if you had the internal heating that booze brings.

On now to Tulse Hill where another child must have been crying: really, sometimes it’s all just too much. Someone who probably won’t be crying however is the person that lost this plastic glove. Hopefully it was a Doctor or someone who works in a cafe and wears them for hygiene as otherwise I really don’t want to think about why someone would be walking round with gloves like these.

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