I’m A Boy, Thanks For Asking

I was just looking through the stats for this site, including the search terms that drive traffic here. Amongst the standard ones (samples, names of songs etc..) I came across this rather strange one:

ciaran norris sex

Now, I like to think that I haven’t been hit too badly with the ugly stick, but can’t imagine that anyone would ask Google whether it was likely that I’d be interested in a quick fumble (it depends, if that was what you were wondering). I can only assume therefore that someone was confused as to my gender, probably because of my strange (unless you’re Irish) name.

Ironically I was only chatting with friends yesterday about how I quite often get emails or letters addressed to Mrs Norris. So, for hopefully the last time, I’d just like to point out that I am a man (or at least a 32 year old boy). Look at this if you don’t believe me. (I’m on the right!)

I’m a boy image by jessicafm on Flickr

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