Koop – Relaxing At Club Fuc*in’ (Dorfmeister Vs Madrid de Los Austrias Mix)

From the same style-guru who introduced me to Sam Sparro’s excellent cover of Estelle’s American Boy comes another very fine find. It’s a remix ofKook’s track Relaxing At Club Fusion (taken from their debut album, Waltz For Koop) by, according to YouTube, Dorfmeister vs Madrid De Los Austrias. The remix is taken from the album Waltz For Koop Alternate Takes & I can only assume that this is the Dorfmeister of Kruder & Dorfmeister fame, although it sounds very little like anything I’ve ever heard by them, or Koop for that matter.

Whereas Koop have always, as far my experience of them is concerned (and I do have one of their albums) specialised in laid-back 21st Century lounge-jazz, and K&D normally produce down-tempo electronica, this is a lovely bit of up-tempo disco-house. It sounds rather like a bit of jazz-funk that’s been remixed by a Norman Cook.

Whoever Dorfmeister & Madrid de Los Austrias are, they obviously like jazz-funk, as this other track of theirs, Boogie No More, which I stumbled upon is based around a sample of Boogie Oogie Oogie by A Taste Of Honey, although it starts off sounding like the latest track from Brazil’s CSS. Worh hanging around till it gets going though, and both tracks are definitely the things if you want to pretend that it’s not actually Monday tomorrow.


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