Radiohead – The Rip (Cover of Portishead Track)

I haven’t bought the new Portishead album, Third, to date because, a: the 2nd album was so disappointing, and b: the first single off of Third scared the living bejeesus out of me.

However having read about Radiohead’s accoustic cover of The Rip from Third, I may have to change my mind. Because the Radiohead cover led me to the original version of The Rip which is really quite lovely. As always Beth Gibbons sings in a voice that makes it sound like the only reason she hasn’t thrown herself out of a window is because she doesn’t have the energy to open it. But the tune that runs behind is kind of beguiling; some lovely accoustic guitar and a weird bit of modulating synths.

The cover version that Thom Yorke & Colin Greenwood do of The Rip makes full use of that accoustic guitar melody, as well as Thom’s rather disturbingly good falsetto. So, two versions of a song I didn’t think I’d like, both of which I love.

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