Twitter, Strepsils & Rowntree’s Randoms FTW

Yes, yes, yes, another post about Twitter, I know. This one has a point at least. Well. Kind of.

A few weeks back I spoke at the 2nd of the excellent Media140 conferences, this one looking at the way that the real-time web is impacting brands. The guys at Media140 recorded my session on why & how brands should listen to Twitter (and other areas of the web) and you can check it out above.

It went pretty well although at one point the fact that I’d spend the Saturday night talking to friends in a bar so busy I’d had to spend most of the night shouting came back to bite me on the arse. Or the throat to be more exact.

As I desperately guzzled the last few remaining drops of water in my bottle and started to see visions of myself having to finish the presentation using semaphore, a lovely lady in the audience ran up & gave me a Strepsil. My vocal cords’ rapid return to life should be enough to disprove any who doubt Strepsil’s efficacy.

In my presentation I held up examples of brands monitoring Twitter & the real-time web for mentions of their products and then responding: Glasses Direct & Comcast were two of the companies I touched on. And yet if I were doing it today I’d use a much sweeter example.

Not long after Media140 one of my colleagues celebrated his birthday by bringing in a load of sweets for us all to eat. The sweets included Rowntree’s Randoms, something I’d not had before. After eating, or, more accurately speaking, inhaling a pack in about 3 minutes I posted a tongue-in-cheek but still truthful tweet. Much to my delight, and to my complete surprise, I very quickly received a response from Jimmy, a corp comms guy at Nestle. And, yesterday, after some postal strike related delays, I received a package full of Rowntree Randoms. How cool is that?

Twitter may not have been able to bring democracy to Iran, but it did bring me a much needed sugar hit on a rainy Friday afternoon, and you can’t really ask for more than that.

DISCLAIMER: When I first tasted the Randoms I had no idea that Rowntrees are a Mindshare client. The fact that they are only makes their response that much sweeter still.

Sterpsils image by rahego on flickr

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