media140 Gets Me On The News

A few weeks back I spoke at the media140 event in London. Despite the fact that my voice nearly gave out at one point, saved only by the kind donation of a Strepsil by Gabrielle, it seemed to go well.

After I’d finished I got chatting to Ben Cohen, the tech correspondent at Channel 4 News and he kindly asked me to come in and talk to groups of their news teams about how the web is changing the news, and how they can make the most of this.

And so, when they decided to put the news about the rumoured deal between News International & Microsoft to allow Bing exclusive access to NI’s content at the top of the show, Channel 4 News emailed to ask if I’d be interested to come in and comment on it (they’d obviously mislaid their normal book of contacts).

This prompted a mad rush around Covent Garden as I tried to find something more presentable to wear than the rather moddish polo shirt & v-neck combo I was sporting at the time and you can see the results below. I apologise for staring at the camera like a psycho at the start, I really don’t recall doing it.

I think it went pretty well, and it was certainly fun (if surreal) but more than that it goes to show that public speaking really does have a benefit, in terms of potentially putting your company in front of a larger audience. It also proved that journalists really are grasping hold of social firmly, as newsreader & Twitter star Krishnan Guru-Murthy was frantically tweeting during the VT that preceded the debate.

TV image by dailyinvention on flickr


  1. Pyscho is a little bit harsh… It’s more the look of a man trying to remember whether he left the iron on, and wondering how it would look if he ran from the Channel 4 studios shouting “Argh, my house could be on fire by now!!”

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