Jonathan Coulton – Code Monkey

My rather shitty day was vastly improved by listening to Geoff Lloyd‘s show (the best thing on Absolute Radio IMO) on my drive back from the station.

He was interviewing a man called Jonathan Coulton, who apparently used to be a web developer but now, as far as I can tell, makes his money by making music & blogging, which is rather wonderful. What’s also wonderful is the song he played, called Code Monkey: it’s a very sweet little ditty about a love-lorn developer. Don’t believe me? You can download Code Monkey here or watch the video below. I have to say that I prefer the acoustic version, as shown in the video and which was what was played on Geoff’s show, to the ‘proper’ rocky version, as I think it’s more touching, but they’re both pretty still cool.

What was also cool was when Jonathan berated one of his backing musicians for suggesting that you can use an & in a URL. You wouldn’t get that from Pete Doherty.

Code monkey by Mister Wilson on flickr

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