The Power Stocks: Nigerian Emails 2.0?

I just received a very exciting email from a website called The Power Stocks (I’ll save my link for later) – apparently they can turn my “$1000 into $ Million by the end of year 2012- guaranteed”. This is very exciting news for a couple of reasons. Firstly it means that they know about $1000 that I wasn’t aware of and secondly it means that the world of Nigerian emails has entered the world of Web 2.0, as the message was sent to me via an account on MyBlogLog (remember them?)

Apparently these spammers earn over $8,000,000 a year and are irritating the Wall Street establishment. I can only think that they’re earning that money by duping unsuspecting consumers and that they’re annoying the Wall Street establishment by filling up their in-boxes with junk emails. I think what I love about this the most though is that the ‘people’ who are leaving testimonials for the service also appear to be doing the same for lots of other dubious services.

Spam: it’s why God invented teh interwebz.

Spam image by dok1 on flickr

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