Do You Want To Sponsor LondonSEO?

Next month sees the 2nd SMX London and, as always with such events, there will be a LondonSEO networking event running alongside it (at the Freemasons Arms in Covent Garden). At the moment there’s no sponsor so I thought that it might be worth writing a post explaining exactly why it’s a great opportunity for anyone wanting to get their brand in front of a captive audience of anyone who’s anyone in the SEO world in London.

  • You’ll get to promote your company to a bunch of industry professionals
  • It shows the industry that you want to put something back
  • It’s a perfect networking opportunity
  • Errr, why wouldn’t you? We did it last year and it was great

I’d think that the sort of companies that should think about sponsoring it are those who want to talk to those who actually practice SEO. Maybe someone who offers keyword research tools, analytics, recruitment services. Maybe one of the engines could dip into their deep pockets to buy a few thirsty SEOs a drink – Google could spend some of the millions it’s going to make from gambling ads…

Beer image by AGoK on flickr

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