T-Shirt Tournament: Round 2

So, after a very tight 1st round, the 2nd round of the great T-Shirt Tournament of 2009 is upon us. It’s been suggested that this time, in the interests of fairness, I don’t say whose T-Shirt is whose.

All I will say is that Dan obviously expects to be defeated once again as he claims that he “wasn’t ready” & asked for a postponement. Well, all I can say is that Bye-Law 786 of T-Shirt Tournament rules clearly state that if a T-shirt is worn into the office, then the contender is in play.

Game on! Votes at the bottom please (either put 1 or 2, or Boom Box or Jesus).

For those who are interested, Boom Box is by Airside, Jesus is by AllSaints.


  1. boom box all the way. though jesus gets a point for well placed hands, such evenly displayed fingers must have been worked on in many a mirror!

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