Meet The Superhumans

I’ve just seen the ad of the year, and it’s Channel 4’s trailer for its coverage of the Paralympics (I rather liked their cheeky billboard as well which I have at the top of this post).

The ad, produced by Channel 4’s in-house team, is simply epic set to a blistering soundtrack in the shape of Public Enemy’s Harder Thank You Think (which includes a sample from an absolutely fantastic Shirley Bassey track called Jezahel): I hadn’t heard either track before but they’re both absolute belters.

The horns that Public Enemy sample from the Bassey song would blow the doors of a Mini.

So, here’s to Channel 4, Public Enemy and all the paralympic athletes: you have to watch out for wheelchair rugby (there’s a clip of it in Meet The Superhumans) – I watched an amazing documentary about it a while ago, and can’t wait to see it again.

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