Every Goal Matters

It’s not as good as Channel 4’s Meet The Superheroes, but then very few ads are, but I saw another sports trailer today which is really rather good.

The ad, for Sky Sports, set to the Rolling Stones classic You Can’t Always Get What You Want, is made up of (what I assume is) real footage of fans at grounds around the country. As the intro, sung by the London Bach Choir (the Stones wanted to do an English version of the kind of gospel choirs that feature in a lot of songs, if I remember the anecdote from Keith Richards’ autobiography correctly), comes to an end, with that immortal like, “but if you try sometimes, you’ll get what you need“, the fans all start going mad following a goal being scored.

Whilst there’s a lot of talk about how the Olympics means that people won’t be as interested in watching overpaid, arrogant footballers, this ad is a pretty good way of showing that, with the best will in the world, that’s a pretty naive hope. Because, as the ad says, for lots and lots of people, every goal does matter.

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