Senseless Things – Easy To Smile

I was out last night and saw a chap wearing a Senseless Things t-shirt, which made me think about a band I haven’t listened to, or even thought about, for years. And so, courtesy of our friends at YouTube, I found myself watching this clip of them playing Easy To Smile which was probably their biggest (or only?) hit. I’m pretty saw it when it was first broadcast too.

Easy To Smile  was a lovely little slice of power-pop of a type that was pretty common-place in the early 90s; like many of their records, it featured a Jamie Hewlitt illustration mon the cover, pre-dating Gorillaz by a fair few years. Easy To Smile is similar to the sort of thing that also used to be put out by Mega City Four, another band I had a soft-spot for at the time. They looked like they’d not showered for years but their singer had the voice of an angel and their harmonies were to die for. I think I can feel an iTunes binge coming on.


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