The Streets – The Escapist

The Streets’ new single The Escapist has been released as a free download and it’s definitely worth getting hold of. It’s got a lot more in common with Dry Your Eyes than Don’t Mug Yourself or his other more lively tracks and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Mike Skinner’s not the same young man he was when he first burst onto the scene so it seems only natural that his music should mellow as he does (although his antics on his TV show Beat Stevie suggest that there’s still a bit of mischief in the old boy yet). And, in keeping with that, the video for The Escapist is really quite beautiful. If Skinner is to be believed, and I don’t see why he shouldn’t, the video was made with no help from his record label and with no script. Instead it simply documents Skinner’s epic trek when he decided to walk from Dover to Cannes (770 miles!)

I particularly like the video to The Escapist as I’m pretty sure that the sand dune which Skinner is seen walking down at the end of the video is the Dune de Pyla. It’s the largest sand dune in Europe and, being about an hour outside Bordeaux, is pretty close to where my Mum lives. I’ve been twice and it’s one of my favourite places in the world: watching the sunset from the top of the dune, with a beer or a glass of wine, is something you should all try to do.


  1. Hi, it’s definitely the Dune de Pyla. My mum lives near it too! I’ve been loads of times and when we went in 2002 we were listening to The Streets ‘Original Pirate Material’ on the way out and the guy at the gate asked us what the cool music was. Coinidicences abound……..I love the Dune!!

  2. Yeah! I think it’s the Dune de Pyla too! I was there last winter. It’s just amazing!
    Vive Mike Sinner and the Dune de Pyla 😉

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