RIP Isaac Hayes

I’ve just heard that Isaac Hayes has died and it really is terribly sad. The man was a musical giant, responsible for a huge amount of Stax’s amazing back catalogue as well as his own awesome blend of funk, soul & orchestration (especially on his soundtracks, most famously Shaft).

And yet, as the person from whom I found out about Hayes’ death said:

Isaac Hayes won an Academy Sward for Shaft and wrote classic songs, and most people are remembering him as Chef

It is very sad, so I would ask you all to play at least one Isaac Hayes album tomorrow, whether it’s one of is own or one that he wrote or produced, to remind people of his vast musical legacy.

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  1. Yep sad news. I have the Shaft album on vinyl, it’s an amazing record.

    Playing the part of Chef though did introduce him to a whole new generation, it’s inevitable that many people will remember him that way. It reminds me of Alec Guinness, he was such an amazing actor (Bridge on the River Kwai, Ice Cold in Alex) and stage performer and yet most people remember him for Obi-one Kenobi. Used to drive him nuts. 🙂

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