Scott Matthews – Dream Song

I really know nothing about the Dream Song by Scott Matthews except that it sounds like lots of things & I like it a lot…

Getting ready for work the other day this song came on to E4 music. It sounded like Beck & The Beatles having a fight in a sitar factory. And I loved it. I really know very little about it except that it’s by a guy called Scott Matthews and it’s called Dream Song. There are loads of sitars layered over guitars (like Revolver era Beatles) and a great drum beat that just screams Beck. His voice is one of those nasal whines that Americans seem to do so well*.

Having done a quick Google on the guy it appears that Scott Matthews has already had one hit (Elusive) that completely passed me by. I am officially past it. But then I guess I should have known that the second I started talking about how a song from a Charlie Brown song almost makes me cry.

*Which shows how much I know as apparently he’s from Wolverhampton.

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