Platinum Pied Pipers – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon Cover Version)

Paul Simon’s classic pop song 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover gets a 21st Century soul twist from the Platinum Pied Pipers…..

Ubiquity, my joint record label of the year, released an album of tracks from their roster of artists early in 2006. I’m slowly getting the albums of all those artists featured and my most recent was Triple P from the Platinum Pied Pipers. And the final track on that album is an amazing cover of 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover by Paul Simon.

Platinum Pied Pipers mix soul, jazz & hip-hop on their album to great effect and 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover is no exception. A lovely little jazz drum beat, some gentle guitar strumming and a great vocal by gues singer Rogier all add up to one hell of a cover. During the chorus there are some great keyboard flourishes and effects, including what sound like some Roy Ayers style vibes – all in all 21st Century Soul at its finest.

It’s one of several stand out tracks on the album, and I really would suggest that you pick up Triple P right now. If not, then you should at least download 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover and the Ubiquity sampler that put me on to the band in the 1st place.

And whilst you think about it, why not check out Paul Simon’s original or listen to the cover version on Napster:

Platinum Pied Pipers (feat. Rogier) – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

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