Vince Guaraldi – Christmas Time Is Here (from the Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack)

Vince Guaraldi’s tune Christmas Time Is Here was written for the cartoon A Charlie Brown Christmas, but was also used in The Royal Tenenbaums…

I’m sure that for anyone in the US, the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s classic jazz tune Christmas Time Is Here is indelibly linked with the cartoon A Charlie Brown Christmas. But growing up in the UK where Charlie Brown is less of an institution, it really seared itself into my mind when it was used in the Royal Tenenbaum’s soundtrack.

Christmas Time Is Here is a beautiful piece of dinner-style jazz, and is just about the most Christmassy piece of music I can think of which isn’t sick-makingly tacky. Whether it’s the 6 minute instrumantal version, or the 2 minute vocal version, Christmas Time Is Here is truly wonderful – without wanting to ruin my hard-won macho reputation it practically brings a tear to my eye it’s so lovely.

The whole of Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown’s Christmas soundtrack is available on emusic right now, and for anyone struggling to get into the Christmas spirit I’d definitely recommend it. And to be honest, anyone with any love of jazz should get it anyway, Christmas time or not.

And for anyone who’s never seen the classic Christmas cartoon, you can watch the first three parts below (with the rest here) – the vocal version of Christmas Time Is Here is the 1st piece of music you hear.

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