The Beatles – Love

The new Beatles album Love, which mixes their classic songs together for a Cirque Du Soleil soundtrack, proves how far ahead of their time they were…

The idea of a Beatles musical is one that would normally make me wince. But seeing as the creation of a Beatles themed spectacular from Cirque Du Soleil has resulted in the Love album, I won’t complain. George Martin, who produced all the best Beatles albums in the 60s, has worked with his son Giles to mix the best Beatles songs into an incredible composition.

It takes clips & excerpts from out-takes, live shows, and a myriad of sources and comes up with something that is, amazingly, even greater than the sum of its parts. And when you consider that those parts include songs such as Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Help and other tunes that are now part of the global consciousness, that is some achievement.

Classic songs are layered over each other (a particularly great example being the melding of Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite, I Want You & Helter Skelter), songs considered untouchable are hinted at & then discarded. It’s truly amazing.

And more than anything Love goes to show how far ahead of their time The Beatles were (every song still sounds fresh, and would win songs of the year contests even now) and just proves that The Beatles really are the best rock/pop band ever (& Radiohead shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath).

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