José James – Equinox (John Coltrane Cover Version)

I’m off to see the wonderful José James at The Roundhouse tomorrow and I’m very excited. And to celebrate what should be an amazing gig, I thought that I’d give you all a glimpse of his finest moment to date.

It’s a cover of John Coltrane’s classic Equinox and was only ever released as a limited edition white label 10″. Unfortunately it’s now sold out (but not before I got my copy). I really hope that it gets a digital release at some point as it really is a joy: restrained jazz drums, beautiful piano and James’ voice which is like a mix of honey & expensive brandy. Or something.


  1. This is one of my favorite José James songs, especially when he plays live. It gives me goosebumps and chills down my spine every single time I hear it.

    Glad you enjoyed the show last wednesday! Cant believe we sold out! 😀

    Nice blog by the way! Would you mind if I linked to it?

    Peace and Love!

  2. I’d love a link!

    I had an amazing time and just wanted the show to go on & on. I’m just waiting to find out when he’s next playing in London (and thinking about hot footing it over to see him in Paris)

    Thanks again (and please put this out on MP3!)

  3. I knew immediately when I heard Jose James that I was hearing a huge talent. For 8 years (through the 60’s) I lived in NY and the first time hearing Coltrane knew it was going to blow the lid off. No longer live in NY, but Okla. City, and went to Chicago to hear Jose. Was worth the trip – and his diversity in music is welcome, but hearing Jose sing Coltrane puts you in another zone of the planet!

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