Katharina Leuzinger for Airside: T-Shirt Diary #3

Well, I’m still failing miserably in my attempts to pluck up the courage to approach people when I think they have a cool t-shirt. And so, I’m forced to take self portraits (with the horrible double chins that invariably ensue). But when the t-shirt is as cool as the one I got this morning, can you blame me?

It’s the 3rd installment of the annual T-Shirt Club from Airside where you receive a t-shirt every month for 4 months. This one was designed by Katharine Leuzinger and is apparently inspired by psychedelic fantasy machines. Whatever the case, it’s pretty cool. Unfortunately (for everyone who didn’t join the Club) you can’t buy it. But if you like it you should keep your ears open for news of next year’s club.

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