The Police Killed Ian Tomlinson

This makes me fucking sick. I can’t say I felt particularly strongly about the demonstrations either way, and always felt that the oficers in the De Menezes case were in an impossible position, but the pure unnecessary nature of this police brutality, and the horrific impact it will have had on Ian Tomlinson’s friends & family, is enough to make you pull on a balaclava and start screaming for a revolution.

A thug recently escaped with less than 5 years after killing an entirely innocent man with a blow to the head. Let’s hope the thug who killed Ian Tomlinson doesn’t get off as easily too. The fact that the police felt the need to say that he died because ambulance crews were attacked by demonstrators, omitting the fact that he wouldn’t have needed an ambulance if they hadn’t attacked him without any provocation, doesn’t make things any better.

Police brutality image by Thunderchild tm on flickr (I don’t mean to be insensitive in my choice of image, but the other things I was thinking of using would have got me in trouble)


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