Lost Gloves #22 & #23: Woking, Surrey

With the recent clement weather, I really was convinced that my Lost Gloves Project would have to come to an end until the autumn.

However, as has been the case with a number of recent lost glove spottings, I’ve been sent a late batch by a loyal reader. This time it’s my Dad and the fact that he took the time to photograph not just one, but two lost gloves, says a lot about parental love (and the fact that he’s used to these sort of ridiculous ideas that I have.

Anyway, they’re a fine pair of specimens, and whilst I hope that they’re not the last lost gloves this side of winter (though I do hope I don’t need to take out my gloves again for quite a while), if they are to be the final ones of the season, they could be a lot worse. One looks like a much-loved leather glove, of the sort that millions of us own; the other strikes me as being a sign that somewhere in Woking, earlier this month, a builder was trying to work with one hand.

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