What A Difference A Month Makes

One month ago today the meme that would become #uksnow was begining to gather pace as the snow started to fall on most of Southern England. And a month ago tomorrow, unable to get to work, I took the photo you can above: it’s one of the beds of flowers in my front yard and you can just see a couple of daffs struggling to poke out.

Well, what a difference a month makes. This past Friday it felt like summer was just around the corner, never mind spring. And, as the photo below shows, that change is very apparent outside my front door. Here’s hoping that a month from today there will have been as much change again and that I’ll be writing this whilst sitting outside – well, a man can dream can’t he?


  1. I missed all the snow! LOL!

    Just been for a run in Richmond Park and it looks awesome.

    Started to grow some herbs now too – March is the time to plant some basil, coriander and sage.

    Am I getting old?

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