Frankie Valli – Beggin’ (Pilooski Mix) [From Adidas Ad]

So I have to say that the newish Adidas ad is one that, in theory, I should hate.

The idea of them organising the ultimate house-party, to which Adidas has invited all its mates, from Estelle to David Beckham, Kate Perry to Missy Elliot, feels like it might just be trying a bit too hard. After all, do you honestly imagine that Victoria would allow David to go to a party where people are skate-boarding, unless he was being paid? And would you really want to go to a party where the Ting Tings were smearing paint on the walls of one of the rooms? No, me neither. That said, I do love Dynamo, and doubt there’s ever been a cooler pair of trainers than shell toes.

However, one thing the ad gets very right is its choice of sound-track. It’s a remix of the Frankie Valli track Beggin’ by someone called Pilooski, and the video is below. Apparently it was commissioned by 679 Recordings, the home of The Streets. Pilooski takes the piano & guitar melody from the original, adds some lovely breakbeat and turns it into an addictive little number. It’s not radically different from the original of Beggin’, but is no worse for that as the original is pretty special too.

I’m not sure whether they released a Best Of of his work, or were just asked to provide a remix for one. Either way, it’s been out a couple of years and you can get it on iTunes whilst the original is available over on Amazon.

Adidas image by Yodel Anecdotal on flickr

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  1. I was in the Adidas shop last weekend and some guy in front of me purchased over £240 of fully branded gear. Slightly excessive if you ask me. Unless he wanted to be a billboard for Adidas, in which case he probably got it spot on.

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