This Too Shall Pass: T-Shirt Diary #1

As well as being a web & music geek, I also have a few other obsessions. Toys, comics & t-shirts are the main ones, and it’s the latter that has promoted this post.

I’m often walking round town when I see people with really cool t-shirts; well, I’ve decided to start cataloguing them (a t-shirt diary if you will). My lovely friend Jonathan agreed to pose for the first entry in the diary; they may be reasonably infrequent as it takes quite a lot to pluck up the courage to ask a stranger if I can take a snap of their chest (especially if they’re female!)

But if some strange young(ish) man stops you & asks if he can take a photo of your t-shirt, please say yes. It really is because I love t-shirts so much. I even joined the Airside T-Shirt Club, for the 3rd year out of 4, where I get sent 4 t-shirts, without knowing what they’re going to look like. The first one arrived recently and I’ll probably be putting it up here soon.

Random aside: WTF is there no # key on a UK Mac? You have to click Alt & 3. Weird.


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