Exopolis, Inc. Mix Tape

Sitting at my kitchen table on a gray Saturday afternoon (British Summer FTW), I decided to dig out StumbleUpon to see if there was anything out there to keep me amused (especially as I’d really like to be at Russel Davies’ Interesting 08). After a couple of duff sites, I was brought to the rather lovely Valentine’s day mix tape from US creative agency Exopolis, Inc.

It’s a really cute idea, which has been executed brilliantly. The home page, which you can see above, shows the insert of an old mix tape and if you click on any of the tracks listed, you get to hear it, along with a little recorded message from the tape’s creator (a slightly whiny American girl who seems to live with her Mum – I’m presuming she’s fictional). The explanatory note in the top right-hand corner kind of sums up the whole mix tape really.


So we made you this mix tape for Valentine’s Day with a song from each of us. We think you’re rilly, rilly cool and we like your clothes, and you have a totally awesome cell phone and, um… we rilly rilly like you.

I think the Exopolis, Inc. Valentine’s Day mix tape is rilly rilly cool too, especially when the bands on it range from NWA to The Pixies to Foreigner. I’ve just been listening to I Want To Know What Love Is by the latter and I’d forgotten what an amazing slice of 80s pomp-pop it is. Thanks Exopolis, Inc. You rule!

PS – If anyone from Exopolis, Inc stumbles across this post, your main site could do with some SEO and, to thank you for cheering up my Saturday, I’d be happy to drop you a few tips.

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