Death Jazz: T-Shirt Diary #4

A couple of weeks ago I got a t-shirt that I’ve been meaning to blog ever since. It’s produced by Brownswood, Gilles Peterson’s excellent record label, and you can see it here.

The rather strange text on the tee, Death Jazz, refers to the supposed sub-genre of music produced by bands such as Soil & “Pimp” Sessions who are, of course, signed to Brownswood. To be honest I tend to think that they just play awesome modern dance-floor jazz: whatever, it makes a good t-shirt, even if whenever I’m wearing it and sit down, it wrinkles up and looks like it just says Death.

Anyway, according to the Brownswood blog they only ever made 100 and there are still a few available. So if you fancy showing the world that jazz is about more than Miles, John & the usual suspects, get thee to Brownswood now and pick up this rather lovely bit of clothing.

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