(Nearly) 20 Years Since The Stone Roses

I was out with some friends the other night and we were chatting about the passing of time. As we reminisced about this & that something came to me which truly made me feel old. I realised that next year will be the 20th anniversary of Stone Roses eponymous début album.

It only seems like yesterday that I was sitting in my mate’s bedroom, looking out of the window at the glorious summer sun (remember when we used to get that) listening to Ian Brown singing as Mani, Reni & John Squire all made the most beautiful noise I’d ever heard. And here I am nearly 20 years later with The Stone Roses playing on the office stereo and still sounding just as good as it did when I still had things like GCSEs to look forwards to.

Of course 1989 didn’t just see the release of The Stone Roses: it was also the year that De La Soul changed hip hop with 3 Feet High & Rising, Beastie Boys went all alternative with their lost classic Paul’s Boutique, 808 State gave house music a Manchester twang with Ninety whilst the amazing Happy Mondays released Halleljuah. Not a bad year all round then.

Anyway, whilst chatting with my mates we decided that we should do something to mark such an important date in our formative years. So, on March 13th 2009 I plan to organise some sort of a do to mark this amazing album, and all the others than came out in that momentous year (apparently some wall came down as well): if you like the sound of the idea, keep a tab on things here as I’ll have more details nearer the time.


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