32: The Friendliest Bar In Barcelona?

Last week I was speaking at an event in Barcelona (hosted by the truly lovely people at Jacob Fleming) and, as is the lot of the solo traveling businessman, found myself looking for entertainment of an evening.

Following a recommendation from Monika & Myrna, the 2 ladies who were running the show, on my second night I ate at the excellent Made In Italy, which is on Carrer Ample, just on the edge of the Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter). This being Spain though, I didn’t want to get there too early so was looking for somewhere to grab a quick cerveza first, and that’s when I had the good fortune to stumble across 32.

The bar takes its name from its address, Ample 32, and is a real gem. Basically a tiny corridoor, with a bar and a few tables (although there is another room at the back) it was fantastic. Most of the staff seemed to be locals (although the nationalities of the staff ranged from Irish to Kiwi, with a few other countries in between), and most of the punters were definitely locals, although there were a few transient guests there too – like me.

The music came from an iPod playing everything from funk & soul, to Doves & David Bowie. The soup being served looked delicious, and the range of drinks was perfect. They even did a mean CSCB. Unfortunately 32 don’t seem to have a website, so the best I can do is give you a map of how to get there and to tell you to pop in if you’re ever in the area. I went back after my dinner, and again on the next night, and it was even better on the 2nd night.

Barcelona image by SlapBcn on flickr

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  1. and the friendliest bar in barcalona is run by the wonderful Ro and Ken, two dudes on a mission to make the world a better place.

  2. Thanks for the info Fergal – two friends of mine are in Barcelona this weekend & I recommended they pop in. I’m thinking of spending a weekend in Barcelona at the end of the summer and will be sure to go back.

  3. Thanks for the kind words fellas…myself and ro started it with 20eu in our pocket, literally, and renovated it ourselves with the help of the lovely annie mac who guided us through everything and produced a very warm homely bar with character and style that we work ourselves. we were sooo broke doing it from the beginning and lived in it for a few months and after it opened. We managed to create something special and have been very lucky to meet so many wonderful people passin through or stayin put.
    Ro and Fergal, who wrote before, were once ‘The White Trash Girls’ and are soon to recreate. I hope very soon as I was their biggest fan!
    “rock n roll won’t save your life but it sure does make it more interesting” Fergal Henry.
    ‘Mama soup’ came to the bar recently and left nothing but goodness, soup, quiche and homemade cakes are now on the menu….
    take it easy

  4. Congrats Ken on your success, I met a certain spirited photographing italian lady last saturday at the barefoot boogie night in cultivate, dublin, who told me about your venture. Just wishing you all the best, I would have visited but I’m off to Greece this time. Will have a look in the future i hope. Take care, peace out!..

  5. My hotel was right across the street from 32 in February of this year, so my best friend and I went there daily for a week. Steve and Kenneth are the two coolest people you will meet. The people that come in there all have the same experience. Music is good, Steve is absolutely hilarious, and Ken is a real laid back dude. I highly recommend stopping by here as the drinks are good, but the atmosphere is what makes it a great place.

  6. I live in Barcelona, being Irish I know these two boys very well, great place, always a buzz, got two of the best geezers your likely to come across this side of the liffey.

    Be careful of any lock in.

  7. I would,nt drink anywhere else. Three nights on the trot and I still did not want to leave. Recovery times vary………….

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