JR’s Street Art At The Tate Modern

Last Saturday I went to the Street Art exhibition at the Tate Modern (which is basically just the outside wall of the building). But because I had lost my camera phone the night before (along with my iPod, jacket & debit card – **** it!) I didn’t take any photos. Thankfully the lovely Chungaiz sent me a load from the website of JR, the French photographer/street artist responsible for the one you can see above (which I hope JR won’t mind me using – I figure anyone who paints on the side of buildings must be into Creative Commons), and the one I saw on the corner of Beak Street the other week.

If you go to JR’s website there are a load more amazing images, as well as some more info on the man himself. There’s also a link to this rather amazing vide of JR at work in London.. Well worth a look.

(PS – I’ve had to link to the video as I can’t find a way of embedding Daily Motion videos into self hosted WP blogs – any advice welcome)

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