Joe Kinnear: Fu*king And Football


Joe Kinnear is my new hero. You have to admire a man who only takes 8 words before calling a journalist a c**t.

Well, now The Guardian have had the inspired idea of putting the transcript of the press conference through Wordle (which I wrote about a while back), the website that creates a cloud based on the text of a page. Genius.

As if that wasn’t enough, and as if to prove that there’s nothing better than a foul-mouthed football manager other than listening to what sounds like Stephen Hawking reciting the words of a foul-mouthed football manager, The Guardian have put the transcript of the press conference through Applescript. We now have beers in the office on a Friday afternoon and I nearly just spat mine all over my monitor. Brilliant. 

UPDATE: Just noticed that The Guardian took the Wordle thing from @iusher

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