Brighton’s Skint: The Best Football Sponsor Ever?

There’s an interesting article in The Guardian today, about how the recent financial madness has been manifesting itself in football clubs losing their sponsors.

It also touches on some of the more bizarre sponsors over the years such as West Ham being sponsored by Pony, despite that being local slang for crap, or Arsenal having to remove Sega’s logo from their shirts every time they played in Spain (as Sega is Spanish for wank). However it struck me that the author missed out on the best football sponsor ever: Brighton FC’s long term partner, Skint Records.

Sking was the home of famous Brighton FC fan Norman Cook, AKA Fatboy Slim, and from 1999 to the start of this season, Skint Records were the official sponsor of Brighton & Hove Albion. The irony of a club plagued by more financial problems than a US insurance company having to run around with Skint emblazoned on their chests was just one of the joys of this marriage made in heaven.

It seems that the sponsorship deal has now come to an end, but not before it broke the record for the longest current League sponsorship deal. And so, to honour that, and a club which obviously has a sense of humour, I give you one of Skint’s finest moments, and one of the greatest videos ever.

Image from Footballshirtculture

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