La Clique: Cabaret Circus For Grown Ups

I just got back from a weekend in Dublin. Despite packing for typical Irish weather (jumpers, jacket, umbrella etc…) the weather was actually glorious which only added to what was an excellent trip anyway.

Saturday night was the last night of the Dublin Fringe Festival and we went to see La Clique which, if pushed, I guess I’d describe as an adult cabaret burlesque circus. Or something. Suffice to say that the acts in La Clique are amazing and hilarious in equal measure.

Whether I was watching from behind my hands as Captain Frodo forced himself through the head of a (tiny) tennis racket, crying with laughter as Ursula Martinez sang about wanting to be ethnic, or looking on in awe (& jealousy) as David O’Mer blended the Levis & Diet Coke ads with some amazing gymnastics,  I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage all night.

La Clique is now moving to London, where it will be the inaugural show at the refurbished Hippodrome. I’m definitely going to be checking it out (tickets are here), as I haven’t laughed that much since the wedding I went to recenjtly where the groom was referred to by the best man as ‘feral boy’, and I’d recommend it to anyone else who fancies a slightly different night out. Unless you’re very squeamish, you’ll definitely want to be part of this clique (sorry!)

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